Agile VFX is a site dedicated to the promotion and development of Agile Production.

As an experienced production technologist, manager, sports coach, dancer, musician/vocalist, Barton Gawboy brings his ideas about how to bring agile and lean principles to VFX and Feature Animation production. Not just to the development of the tools used for production, but the actual production itself.

The very notion of having industry-standard production pipelines may actually conflict with truly collaborative media production. How many times has a production needed to re-rig/skin a previously approved model AFTER it was animated? Was getting a re-approval hard or easy? Was there a fight to even go through that back up in the process? What about a textured material that was approved in one lighting situation, but didn’t work in others?

When real time raytracing revolutionizes production, will you be ready to manage the new processes it will inspire? Will you adapt with a more cell-based rather than pipeline-based approach to producing content?

Lets explore this together! I don’t mind spreading seeds to either flourish or die. Failure offers insight into improvement. And if I’m going to talk the talk, I might as well walk the walk right here.