Agile Visual Effects and Feature Animation

Welcome to Agile VFX, a site dedicated to bringing agile and lean methodology to film-making. Since these principles come from technology management ideas spilling into modern software development, perhaps the most appropriate entertainment forms are films technologically heavy with visual effects, and feature animation. Interactive entertainment including game development also has close ties to software development, and that community seems to be embracing agile itself as evidenced in recent job postings. However, this site will focus on specifics in VFX and feature animation. Additionally, we’ll explore how the Agile thinking pertains to the health of the VFX industry.

See the pages on Agile Production by clicking on Production above. That section provides a systematic approach for applying Agile to production.

Where Agile is used in Production

Here we’ll list links for articles on Production houses using Agile methods, a little or a lot. Remember that implementing Agile itself can be a gradual, but continual process.

Main Road Post, article on Foundry site, October 2017

From Russia with agility: The studio pioneering a new way of working

Cinnamon VFX, article in fxguide, May 2016

Scrum in VFX